Lab Scale Laminator



  1. Control Mode: Operation of Semi-Auto, Auto and Manual, it may realize solar panels      laminate automatically and manually.
  2. Control Systems: Mitsubishi PLC controller of programming, Touch-screen display.
  3. Heating Mode: Oil heating.
  4. Control Mode of Temperature: multi-dot temperature control, standard temperature controlled Module, Temperature is controlled by the automated adjust PID aptitude system.
  5. Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
  6. Temperature Range:30℃~160℃
  7. Laminating Time: 8~9MIN (Include the curing time.)
  8. Vacuuming time: 4~6min
  9. Vacuum of Operation: 200~50Pa
  10. Cover’s journey :300-400mm
  11. Environment of Use: Apply to Ordinary Industrial Environment and Laborator Environment, Height about Sea Level is less than 2000 M


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